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2020-Aug-22 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #44
I dropped by the hardware in Mt Helena and bought methylated spirits (to clean the etch primer paint brush from Friday), small brush and masking tape.

Once on site I masked up the edge of each piece of flashing (where there will be a transition from Heritage Green to Heritage Cream) and then applied the first coat of enamel green.

Jim and Sandy visited soon after I was finished and we had coffee together.

Next I applied a second coat to the 3 WeatherTex planks that will be installed above the flashing.

Finally I washed down another 5 dirty planks (need to still bring out another 3 planks).

I ended the day quite early and then headed home.

I will give the first coat of enamel two days to dry and then hopefully apply the second coat on Monday.

After that, another two days to dry and then I can finally proceed upwards with full lengths of WeatherTex planking.


No work done while waiting for enamel to go off.

Monday to Friday

I applied the second coat of Cottage Green, then two coats of Classic Cream to the tips, washed down 15 planks and applied two coats of latex Classic Cream to the planks.

Finally I was ready to start going up again - on Friday I managed to install two rows of planks above the doors.

I need to build some scaffolding before I can finish.

Progress at the end of Saturday

Progress at the end of Friday