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2020-Aug-15 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #43
A storm was forecast for today but when I woke up the sky was clear and the sun was out.

It looked like I had at least four hours of available work time before the weather front hit us.

I was out on site by 8.30 am and continued on with installing the architraves.

The next door frame was a disappointment as it turned out that I needed to rebate the architrave by 10 mm and I did not have any suitable equipment with me to do this.

I took this piece of material home with me and will use my router to sort it out.

I continued on to the next door frames and managed to install another two architraves.

By now it was 2.00 pm with the storm looking like it would hit at 4.00 pm.

I could have fitted one more but I would possibly be finishing up and packing up in the rain.

I decided to pack up at this point and was finished by 2.30 pm.

It later turned out that the rain did not reach us for another four hours - so I could have completed the work anyway.


I had high hopes of achieving many things at home while sheltering from the rain.

In the end I only managed to rebate the architrave.

I spent most of the day asleep in front of the TV.


Coffee with Alex and Paul and then out to site.

I installed the remaining two architraves but I must admit that I find architraves very fraught, frustrating and fiddly.

At the end of the day I am not totally happy with the results.


Managed to install one flashing over one door.


Had a slack day.


Installed four more flashings


Painted all the flashings with etch primer and prepainted 3 WeatherTex planks with Heritage Cream top coat.

Washed down other WeatherTex planks that had become grimy while in storage.

Architraves by end of Saturday

Rebated architrave

Progress by the end of Monday

Progress by the end of Thursday