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2020-Aug-1 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #41
I spent the first 4 hours of Saturday, at home, preparing pieces of cladding to install on the back wall of Wooroloo.

I used the radial arm saw, with a clamped stop position, to quickly cut up 6 x 12 lengths of WeatherTex.

Linda helped me enormously by painting the raw cut edges with primer.

I then marked up the position of the drill holes that would be required and drilled each piece.

Once out on site I had some continuing frustration with the initial layer not coming out level.

However, by inserting spacer judiciously I had all the pieces of cladding on the same level by the third course.

Jim, very kindly came over and used his self levelling laser to confirm that the cladding was indeed level.


I was up at 6.00 am and while waiting for 9.00 am to come around, I visited each infill and pushed it out by 30 mm to allow the front face of each door frame to be coated with enamel.

I then continued installing the WeatherTex almost up to the top of the door frames.

After storing away all the tools used for fixing cladding - I applied the first coat of enamel to the front face of the door frames.

I will need to come back in the middle of the week to apply the second coat.

At this point I need to wait for the enamel to harden so that I can apply the Polly Flashing around the tops of the door frames.

This will be followed by fixing full lengths of WeatherTex that will need considerable sections cut out of them.

After that row I will install the top architrave over each door frame, some folded flashing and the rest of the full lengths of WeatherTex.


I made a quick visit to site to apply a second coat of enamel to the faces of the door frames.


At home I applied the first coat of Cottage Green enamel to the architraves that I am preparing to go above the door frames.


I thought I was safe to leave the architrave timbers out in the open but unfortunately a little drizzle fell in the early hours of the morning and made some areas of the paintwork "foggy".

I will have to rub this back lightly before applying the second coat.

I spent most of the day out on site installing a row of flashing above the door frames and then a row of building wrap above that.

I was applying the final staples as the day ended.

Progress by the end of the Sunday

Progress by the end of Friday