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2021-Apr-10 - Wooroloo - Side Wall #20
Today I fitted the blocking that I had prepared the previous week.

I had made up a jig to help me.

Basically this was a square of wood, a little bigger than a breadboard.

It had a nail projecting at each end so that it could easily be positioned on the top plate.

This allowed me to clamp it tightly across the face of the stud frame and, in turn, clamp the blocking piece on to it.

This ensured that the blocking was mounted up to the face of the frame and was vertical.

I then, from inside, secured the blocking with two 100 mm bugle head screws driven upwards throught the top plate.

Every single piece required me to position and clamp from the outside and then head inside to fix the screws. So up and down on the scaffolding many times during the day.

I started packing up at around 4pm as I needed to button up the temporary tarpaulins protecting this area.

A double cyclone is heading our way - we will not bear the full brunt of it but there may be a lot of rain.


I worked out on site for my client and did some tidying up work during any break.

This involved vacuuming up all the sawdust from the door installation, installing one of the stops and fitting drop bolts to the two new doors.

The drop bolts are not intended to lock up the site - just to stop the door flapping in the breeze.

Progress by the end of the day