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2020-Jul-25 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #40
What a discouraging weekend.

I spent Saturday and Sunday correcting the error in the alignment of frame 4.

If you look very closely at the first picture below you might just make out a devation in the door sill for the second last frame.

To correct this I had to:

  • Remove the two rows of cladding around frame 4
  • Remove the starter rail on both sides of the frame
  • Unstaple the flashing on either side of the frame
  • Unfix the frame from the rough opening
  • Chisel out some more of the frame so that it could be positioned more in to the rough opening
  • Redo all the steps listed above

This took all of Saturday and most of Sunday - so a whole week has gone by to get back to zero.

Hopefully next weekend I can make some real progress with the cladding.

Before correction

After correction