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2020-Jul-18 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #39
Not a good day.

I have been working out on site, off and on, since Wednesday and I don't know where the time has gone.

Setting up the starter rail was a very lengthy process. As was working out a datum point to monitor the height of the cladding so that all the small columns synchronise at the top.


I finally installed the first row of cladding.

I don't quite know what is going on because I have worked out that where the WeatherTex planks overlap they need the door frames projecting by 20 mm.

However, at the starter rail I am having to rasp about 5 mm of the planks so that they can fit behind the tongues on the door sills.

So, upshot of this is that it took me all day to install just one row.

At this point I noticed that one of the door frames was jutting out beyond the line of all the others.

I rang Peter G and organised for him to come on Sunday to give me advice.


I started the day very quietly as really I should not make any construction noise until after 9.00 am.

I spent the time sorting out a number of issues inside the house.

Dylan next door gave me a whole truck load of mulch.

It turns out that he may have more but in order to dump it where I would prefer I would need to shave a bit off the burn off pile in the back yard.

At this point Peter G arrived and looked at how I had installed the door frames.

It turns out that I had carefully checked all sorts of distance but failed to perform the most important task which was to run a string line along the face of the wall as I installed each frame.

It turns out that I will need to undo the cladding and starter rails on either side of frame number 4 and move its position around.

I found this rather discouraging so instead spent the rest of the day burning of the pile of branches and creepers.