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2020-Mar-14 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #21
I felt pretty rough this morning for some unknown reason and decided not to go out on site but to work on completing all the cross beams.

I still needed to cut out another 8 notches and previously I had found this very heavy going.

Partly to avoid working, and partly to buy a toy, I decided to obtain a very cheap band saw from Bunnings.

I probably spent more time purchasing the machine, assembling it and setting it in position than if I had just cut the notches by hand.

However, once I was underway I found it made the process effortless.

The one thing I discovered was that with long timbers, the fence provided is of no use and it is better to feed the timber in free hand - still learning with this.

I also routed out some of the rebates for beam #1.

Because I had previously experienced difficulty achieving a clean edge I experimented with clamping on an offset guide.

This worked well and pretty much removed the need for any skill on my part.

Still a lot of rebates outstanding - hopefully I can make some more progress on Sunday.


First I made a quick visit to site to make sure that the rain was not penetrating through the temporary weather proofing that I have patched together over the back wall.

All good - so back home to rebate the door frame header beams.

This was just a repeat of Saturday but gradually speeding up as I made friends with the router.

I did have one mishap where the router bit came slightly loose and dropped down giving me a 17 mm rebate instead of 10 mm.

I overcame this problem by cutting shapes out of ply wood and gluing them in with epoxy glue - I will have a second attempt at routing these to the correct depth as soon as the glue has set.

Good progress on Sunday :-)

Only $149 from Bunnings

Typical rebate using router and guides

Progress by the end of the day

Patched glued in to correct mistake