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2020-Mar-7 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #20
During the week I had ripped some melamine down to 240 mm with lengths of 1800 and 2100.

On Saturday I turned these in to templates.

This involved cutting to length to fit between the columns and chamfering to allow for various welding in various corners.

Once I had the template sitting level on the stubs of the columns I would then run underneath with my gauge and work out how much to slot out of the template at each end so that it would come down to the door frame height + 10 mm.

This took me all day to set up 5 pieces plus a few stops for coffee and a visit from Jim and Sandy.

I will use the template to prepare the LVLs that I purchased from Vinsans about 4 months ago.


I prepared beam #2.

This involved cutting out notches, drilling one hole and rebating out for the gussets. Following advice from Jim, I created a simple jig (L shape offcut) to assist in keeping the router level as it traversed the surface - the end result was quite good - I am just finding it a little hard to obtain a crisp edge.


After work I nipped out to site to test my first cross beam.

Just as I was about to lug it off the back of the utility, Jim and Sandy turned up - so they helped me carry and position it.

It fitted perfectly - so I am very happy with the result.

Templates by the end of the day

Beam #2 by the end of Sunday