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2005-Sep-25 - Our Place - More work on the duck pond
Tried to entice the geese out through their new portal in to the pond but they took a sharp right hand turn and headed off to greener pastures to sample all the succulent wild grasses
So no geese swimming in the pond today - I guess they'll discover it eventually - maybe we have mentally retarded geese ?
After we used up all our old jarrah sleepers - I remembered that I brought 6 spare ones back from the Wooroloo well restoration project.
Quite a job loading and moving these as they were very big and heavy - we decided that we needed to cut them in half before we would have any sort of chance of moving them around.
I'm so glad I have a chainsaw - it made very quick work of cutting up the sleepers.
Ended up using all these with quite a lot of wall still exposed - I decided that it would take a very long time to round up enough rocks to cover this - so opted to buy another 8 sleepers from the local landscaping suppliers - made pretty good progress after this.
Still need to do the actual job of placing the rocks on top of the pond walls - a job for another day.

Trying to get the geese to swim in the pond

Instead James takes a detour

and they all head up the hill

and in to the morning sun

Meggsie checking out the pond

Men doing manly things with chainsaws and vices,..

All the marvelous things that can be done

with jarrah sleepers