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2021-Apr-3 - Wooroloo - Side Wall #19
On Easter Friday I went to site to install the stops for the second set of doors and to slice 5mm off each door.

The stops took me a couple of hours.

After this I was puzzled to find that the doors almost fitted - so I could avoid several hours further work here.

I moved on to the next job which was to remove the flashing above the side wall.

I had this almost finished by the time that darkness set in.


Laying out tarpaulins to cover up for the removed flashing took me most of the morning.

It was a wise decision as just as I finished I felt a few drops of rain and later in the afternoon we had drizzle on and off for a few minutes.

This also makes the next job less frantic.

I believe that it will take me another few weekends to install the blocking, add more building wrap and complete the cladding on the side wall.

I spent the afternoon cutting up the 4.8 m x 45 mm x 190 mm in to pieces around 200 mm x 45 mm x 150 mm.

I could have done a much fancier job and rebated this block to fit snuggly around the brackets.

However, I realised that if I retrospectively wanted to work on a bracket it would be a very annoying impediment.

Also this way it was much quicker work to dock and rip the timber.

Plus I used half the length that I anticipated so I might have enough already for the opposite side of the building.


Met Peter out on site very early in the morning to help install the two next sets of doors.

He did a wonderful job with the materials supplied.

Flashing off and covered with tarpaulins

Blocking cut to size

Doors installed