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2022-Aug-13 - Wooroloo - Tidying up Car #1
It was a miserable rainy, cold day.

Instead of working on the street level toilet out on site I decided to install a replacement fender on my car.

I am tidying up my car because I cannot afford to buy a new one.

I am hoping to make it last forever.

For many years I have had a black, unpainted, after market fender on the LHS.

Many months ago, I acquired a genuine fender from a burned out Rodeo.

I spent one day cleaning, rubbing back and rust converting this part.

Another day priming and top coating it.

And finally two days attempting to install it and swearing at it.

I have a number of sheared off bolts to "ezy-out" but at the moment it is held on with 4 bolts.

A major improvement in appearance.

Tarting up the LHS fender