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2023-Sep-23 - Wooroloo - Staircase #28
I have a few odds and end to finish on the staircase - the last floorboards on the landing, touching up the nail holes and other defects, oiling the treads, tidying up the cut ends where the purlins were removed.

These objectives became slightly side tracked due to an idea I had.

I know that installing the gyprock around the stair case is probably going to take me a month and I want to get back to having the 2nd electrical fit done by the electricians as soon as possible.

It occured to me that in my quest to work out how to light the staircase - I could just quickly staple up some butcher's paper to give me an idea of the reflectance.

To this end I purchased 120 m of paper and plenty of staples for the electric stapler.

I was rather slow getting going.

First of all I had coffee with the boys on the way out.

Then once on site I talked to Ian for quite a while.

Soon after that Jim and Sandy visited me and we stopped for coffee.

Once I started work on the "paper wall" I could see that I had some cleaning up work to take care of first.

The last pair of purlins had been removed in a hurry at the end of the day.

As I mentioned above, I needed to cut and grind off excessive remaining steel.

These two purlins were in difficult to access positions so it took me quite a while.

After this I found that I still had some remnants of sealant on some of the studs - this was from when I had the temporary roof being penetrated by the studs.

It looks like I had had a previous session (which I cannot remember) where I removed a lot of this sealant but a bit more work was required.

Then the rest of the day went to stapling on runs of butcher's paper.

I have almost completed one wall.

From this I can see that, when I go to install the gyprock, I will need to build some temporary scaffolding as I go - I will need to protect my unoiled treads as I am doing this.

Now that I have the staircase physically installed, and the paper walls are beginning to form, I am gaining more of an understanding of how the stairs need to be lit.

I am thinking that some downlights under each landing might be all I need.

I am not too keen on bunker lights or lighting strips.

Anyway, maybe another day installing the paper walls.

Progress on the paper wall