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2023-Sep-9 - Wooroloo - Staircase #26
This was the second week on the last flight of stairs - it took me the whole day which is pretty much what I expected.

I did not take a photograph from the tread size as I had one facing piece that I needed to take home for some repairs.

Plus the slight gaps in the facings would have produced a rather disappointing image.


I had just completed several days of very stressful work and really needed a break.

I headed out to site at around 2.00 pm and fixed in the repaired facing piece as well as the treads either side of it.

I also ran some "No More Gaps" behind the facing pieces to hide any gaps.

After all this I was prepared to photograph the stairs from the tread side.

I then went on to installing the floorboards on the landing.

I need to rebate the last two boards so this is a job that will wait until next Saturday.

Progress by the end of Saturday

Tuesday - all tidied up

Both flights and the landing

The landing

Side elevation