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2023-Sep-2 - Wooroloo - Staircase #25
During the past week I had vigorously worked towards having all the necessary raw materials accumulated in order to install the last run of the staircase.

I expected to make about 50% progress and this is pretty much how it turned out.

Fortunately I had already delivered most of the materials on Friday - an excellent decision as it was raining quite seriously on the Saturday.

My first job was to install the very first floorboard on the landing.

I had processed this at home by adding a 20 mm strip under the leading edge and then running this through the router.

This produced the 40 mm bullnose that I was looking for.

After this I had to work from the undercroft in order to fix off the very first tread that I had installed last week.

I then moved on to fixing off the treads and facings - a slow process that cannot be hurried.

Half of the final staircase installed