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2023-Aug-26 - Wooroloo - Staircase #24
I finished the first run of the street to loft staircase.

During the following week, every spare moment went to preparing the materials for the final staircase run.

For the past 3 weeks I had been gradually puttering along readying the treads.

Some needed an extra small strip glued on to the back to take them out to 270 mm.

Others needed a little bit of filling in with "No More Gaps" where they had a defect.

Also I prepared the next 7 facing boards by cutting up and gluing floorboards.

This was greatly assisted by the discovery of some additional sash clamps that I had forgotten that I possessed.

This allowed me to glue 2 per day and finish the process duing the week.

Once the glue was set, I put all of the facing pieces through the thicknesser in order to remove the varnish and bring them to a uniform thickness.

After this, I filled in any prominent join lines with the jarrah "No More Gaps" amd a day later I sanded them down to give an excellent finish.

I also needed to spend half a day mowing down the weeds before they got out of hand.

Progress by the end of the day

Choosing 7 treads out of 9 good ones

Facing boards before gluing and thicknessing

Battens for fixing treads and facings

Front weeds after mowing