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2023-Aug-19 - Wooroloo - Staircase #23
I started on the first run of the street to loft staircase.

First I tidied up a few details in the undercroft run and then moved all the tools up to the street level.

It was slow going but I would say I am halfway there - hopefully I will finish off this run next Saturday.


I have worked very intensely for the past two weeks on a project for my main client.

I finished on Thursday and took Friday off.

This took the form of : sleeping in late, walking to the coffee shop, and lots of preparation work for the next stair run.

I cut 12 floor boards for the next landing and also 16 shorter lengths to form the facings.

I need to make a start on the facing now as its one day per gluing session and there are 7 facings.

I am also experimenting with the "No More Gaps" jarrah finish to see if I can resurrect any with very visible gaps.

Progress by the end of the day

Floorboards for the landing

Facing pieces cut, loosely assembled

Product I am testing

Test patching