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2023-Aug-5 - Wooroloo - Staircase #21
I unloaded all the materials I had prepared out on site - floorboards, facing panels, battens.

I was about to install the floorboards but some preliminary measurements showed me that I needed to add some thing 5mm battens over the top of the landing to bring the step sizes in to balance.

This took me a couple of hours.

Installing the floorboards took all the rest of the day - this was rather frustrating as I was really hoping to make some progress on fixing off the treads and facing boards.


I headed out to site and worked there for the day.

I took some critical measurements to allow me to process the last run of treads and facings.

I also tested out the battens I had previously mass produced.

This was faster that anything I had tried before but still a very exacting job.

The main problem is in ensuring that all the seams are tight - it is very easy for gaps of a mm or more to creep in while fixing the treads and facings and these are very obvious.

Progress by the end of the day

Testing out the mass produced battens