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2023-Jul-29 - Wooroloo - Staircase #20
I took the latest set of treads out to site and arranged them loosely on the street level stringer.

Next I placed a temporary sheet of particle board on top of the street level landing and walked up the treads to the beginning of the final run.

Here I secured some spacers that I prepared last visit, that I had not fixed off at the time.

After this I transferred my attention back to the undercroft level and unloaded all my tools and materials here.

I have decided that I will go ahead and secure the second stair run here - that is the treads and facing boards.

A good tidy up and vacuum was needed first and then I could walk up the first installed run to look at the surface of the landing.

I spent some time preparing the first floorboard that will be installed here.

It will create a bullnose on one side and be flush on the other.

Once this was done I could then resize the raw facing piece for the first tread because now the final height was finalised.

I spent the rest of the day reworking each facing piece for height and width.

I was working on the last piece when Jim and Sandy popped in to see how I was going.

There are a few things that are not quite right but I did not have the energy or concentration to sort them out on the spot.

I've had a think about it since then and I now know what I must do to perfect it.

Monday, Tuesday

I had brought the first landing floorboard home and added a small strip of floorboard (20 x 20 mm) under the left hand side to eventually take the bull nose.

I also cut 12 lengths of floor board to length (2 metres) - these will form the top of the first landing.

In the meantime I continued gluing and clamping the facing boards that I had created last week.


In the morning I raked out all the debris from the tongue and grooved of each floorboard - this will give me a nice tight fit when I assemble them on to the landing.

In the middle of the day I had to have some cone biopsies done but after this I asked Linda to drive me out to site.

I picked up the drop saw and the supply of 45 x 45 mm battens I have been accumulating.


I created templates for the vertical and horizontal fixing battens that I will need for the next run of treads.

I cut 14 of each using the drop saw.

Meanwhile the first floorboard glue had set and I was able to run it through the router to create a bullnose.


I used the templates to mark up the drill hole position on each batten and did the drilling.

I also ran the completed facing boards through the thicknesser to remove the top layer of varnish and other stains.

In the afternoon I loaded all the materials I had created on to the utility.

Treads and facings loosely placed

Some of the offcuts to make battens

Forming up the bullnose on first floorboard

Floorboards for landing