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2023-Jul-22 - Wooroloo - Staircase #19
Down with the flu for almost two weeks so nothing posted for last week.

About all I managed to do was to cut the blanks for the treads for the first run of the street level.

On Saturday I finangled the last set of stringers in to postition and fixed them off.

This took all day - a completion time that I have come to expect,


I put all the blank treads through the router table to machine in the bull nose edges.


I cut floor boards by length and breadth to create the facing panels for the next run.

I am now creating these at a length of 1400 mm even though they will eventually be reduced down to 990mm.

This is so that I can run them through the thicknesser and still have a waste section so that I can cut off the snipe.

Because the planks are longer, I am finding that I need a large number of clamps to perform the gluing.

These means I can only glue one set per day - so it is going to take me all week to create a set of 7.

Wednesday thru Friday

Gluing one set per day.

Also I ran most of the waste stringer cutout waste through the table saw to create little 45 x 45 battens to be used in securing the treads and facings on to the stringers.

Progress by the end of the day

Treads bullnosed

Floorboards prepared for facings

Gluing and clamping

Completed facings

Preparing battens