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2023-Jul-1 - Wooroloo - Staircase #17
I loaded up 3 lengths of H3 2400 x 45 x 240 mm so I could cut the last set of stringers using the latest template.

On the way out to site I stopped off at the Mt Helena Hardware and purchased 10 mm x 65 mm cup head bolts as well as an angle gauge (not the correct name - probably already have one somewhere but too lazy to look for it).

My first task for today was to install battens for the top and bottom of the last flight so that I could rest the template in position and finesse its dimensions.

But before this I needed to install the diagonal offset piece to allow the subsequent install of the gyprock and kick board.

I used a piece of 22 mm x 90 mm decking board that I had previously purchased for this purpose.

This is where the angle gauge was handy.

Next a 990 mm x 45 x 90 mm batten across the hanger plate at the landing to support the bottom of the stringers.

This was a quick job but I know that most of the work would be at the top face.

This is where I installed the extension lintel last week.

There was still not enough face on this end to install a horizontal support batten.

Instead I installed 3 120 mm x 60 mm X 45 mm short vertical battens bolted to the steel lintel plate.

Preparing the vertical battens and drilling 10 mm holes in the steel took most of the rest of the day.

This is where I used the cup head bolts.

After this I tested the position of the template against these battens and made a few small changes.

Fortunately I had been smart enough to leave the 3 blank timbers on the back of the utility - so all I needed to do was add the template on to this pile and take it all off on Sunday morning.

I would have liked to have achieved more but this was pretty much the amount of progress I was expecting to make.


I'm busy with work for my clients but during breaks I transferred the template on to 3 timber blanks and then cut out the last 3 stringers using a combination of a power saw and hand saw.


I dropped the newly cut stringers out on site but did not install them.

Instead, I turned my attention to the previous batch.

It took me all day to fettle them in to the correct position (shaving a little bit here and a little bit there).

I also fixed them off to the support battens.

Batten on landing

Battens at top (showing 2 out of 3)

Testing fit of template

Stringers created from template

Last flight stringers stacked on their battens

Previous stringers finessed in to postion