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2023-Jun-17 - Wooroloo - Staircase #15
I decided on the depth of the hanger board and set about cutting it out of the 600 mm sheet of 30 mm plyboard.

This involved a fair bit of fussing around as I wanted to run the power saw along a straight edge to give a good cosmetic result.

Jim and Sandy turned up just as I was about to make the cut, so Jim very kindly held on to one end to avoid damage at the completion of the cut.

After coffee, I installed the hanger board on to the street level landing and then went on to install a supporting batten on both the street level floor and the landing.

I also modified the stringer template to suit.

Also the 22 mm offset board against the stud frame.

Finally I marked up some scraps of the 30 mm plyboard to reinforce the undercroft stringers where the "meat" of the stringers is only 90 mm.

I will cut these to shape at home during the week.

I will also be busy cutting the first run of stringers based on the template that I am also taking home.


Cut out the 3 stringers.

I did not bring a saw home with me - so the final cuts will need to be made out on site.


I worked out on site and did a few construction jobs during my breaks.

Firstly I glued and nailed the reinforcement 30 mm plywood pieces in place at the top of the second undercroft run.

Next I completed the cuts in the 3 stringers, tidied up any rough spots and fettled them in to position against the landing and street level floor.

Hanger installed on to landing

Support batten at landing

Support batten at street level

Reinforcing a possible weak point

Stringers placed in position and fettled