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2023-Jun-10 - Wooroloo - Staircase #14
I took the glued, cleaned up stair facing boards out to site and loosely placed them to see how they looked.

Jim and Sandy dropped in for coffee at this stage and Ian visited a little later as well.

I finished off the street level landing from last week - some more 100 mm nails pinning the front cross beam from the side and some more bugle scews in the side battens.

The rest of the day went in to installing 4 joists running from the window to the front beam.

Each of these needed to be shaped at one end in order to fit in to the 100 mm PFC and this took some time.

At the front beam end, I pinned them using 100 mm nails - this provided very little strength but held the joists in position while I installed battens either side.

This took me up to the end of the day.

I still need to install some noggings near the window to stop the joists moving around in the PFC.

Also I need to unscrew each batten, one by one, apply liquid nails and rescrew.

Then I need to make a decision on the depth of the hanger boards (still to be sized and attached).


I took my work with me out to site.

During breaks I tidied up a few details from the previous Saturday.

I installed the noggings near the window and glued the battens.

Street level landing at end of Saturday

Noggings installed near window