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2022-Jul-30 - Wooroloo - Plumbing #11
Still recovering from an intense week of working so a bit slack in logging what I have been doing.

It's all a bit muddled in my head - so here is a description of what has been done with no particular dates.

I fixed off the back wall sheet in the toilet.

I found that the screws initially provided did not work well for me - they were intended for fixing in to metal and I am going in to pine.

I visited the supplier and they gave me a handful of wood fixing screws to try out.

These, of course, do not have the ability to cut through 9 mm of fibre cement - so I marked up all the fixing positions, predrilled and counter sunk each hole and then fixed off the the wood screws.

This worked out very well.

On another visit I cut each sheet down to 2670 mm and one sheet in half.

Placing the sheets is a two person job.

Being on my own I had to improvise.

I hung a chain block from a bridging bracket and made up a timber clamp to apply just above the centre of balance on each sheet.

Hoisting the sheets up on my own went surprisingly well and I was able to lift a full sheet and half sheet in to position.

I have left the work at this stage as I needed to revisit the supplier and obtain a full box of wood screws to proceed any further.

While I was there I also picked up the tape, base coat and top coat for the joint flushing.

It's many years since I have done this - so I will have to watch some YouTube to refresh my memory.

Another wall in position

Set up for hoisting heavy sheets