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2023-Jun-3 - Wooroloo - Staircase #13
I loaded up the newly created treads and the winch up trolley.

Shortly after I arrived, Jim and Sandy visited and very kindly brought in all the treads from my utility while I placed them in the staircase.

It's starting to look just like a bought one.

After we had coffee I started working on the street level landing.

I transferred the cut out profile from the particle board test piece on to a piece of 45 x 240 and worked on it until it fitted in to the 100 mm PFC already mounted above the window.

I eventually screwed it to the stud frames with 6 x 100 mm bugle heads and also cut it to length.

Jim visited and assisted me while I installed the opposite side.

Next I cut the large glulam piece to size and used the winch up trolley to lift it in to position.

I pinned it with a 100 mm nail on both sides and then locked it in position with some 45 x 45 mm battens.

I packed up after this but need to revisit it to add more nails and screws.

Hopefully next visit I can add 4 joists and the hanger plate.

I should also have glued together all the previously created facing pieces for the second flight in the undercroft stair case so I might install a few of these as well.

Monday thru Wednesday

I glued and clamped together the 7 sets of floorboards to be used as stair facing.


I started using a belt sander to clean down the facing boards but very quickly realised that this would take a long time.

Instead, I excavated down through all the materials covering my thicknesser, cleaned it up, fired it up and put the boards through.

I ended up with some sniping damage on a few of the boards but in most cases I was able to clean this back with the belt sander.

Progress by the end of Saturday

Facing boards glued and cleaned up