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2023-May-27 - Wooroloo - Staircase #12
This was a bit of a tidy up, measuring and thinking day.

My first job was to clear away the debris at the top of the first completed section of stairs.

I found some miscellaneous pieces of particle board to provide a surface that I could stand on.

The landing will eventually be covered in floor boards but I needed an immediate access way to the next flight of stairs.

I took measurements in preparation to creating the next set of treads and facings.

At the same time I dug out some rough pieces of timber to create temporary treads.

My thinking was that it would be easier to move between the two levels using the staircase instead of the ladder.

However, I found the presence of the temporary platform made this very difficult and after a few contorted trips up and down I reverted to the ladder.

This made me realise that I will need to complete the second major staircase before it will be convenient to remove the temporary platform - I need somewhere to stand while I am constructing it.

I have not had a chance to create the treads and facings at this point so I moved on to building the second landing.

I already had a template for the relevant stringer and I needed to make sure that everything was still in the same place.

This took quite a few hours of clamping, measuring and head scratching.

The conclusion I reached is that the bottom hanger assembly had moved everything 10 mm closer to the wall.

I marked up the wall and reduced the size of the landing from 950 down to 940 mm.

However, while driving home, it occured to me that I may be able to keep my original dimension and allow the stringer to encroach 10 mm in to the floor space.

I will verify this next time I am out on site.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

I am still very busy with my client but whenever I took a break from work I created the staircase facings and cut treads to size.

Temporary platform on landing

Rough and ready treads

Measured up for treads and facings

Checking calculations for next platform

Treads cut to size and bull nosed

Staircase facings created