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2023-May-13 - Wooroloo - Staircase #10

I cut the floor boards at home to create the facing using the measurements I made on Saturday.

It was a good decision to undertake this work at home as I had much more machinery available for the task.

I have realised that it would be a smart move to glue the multiple boards in each facing together. Some PVA on the tongue and groove will give a very strong bond.

I just need a whole lot of clamps that are out on site.


Much of the day went on some intense work solving a problem for my client.

After this I needed a break so I shot out to site.

I mixed up the very viscous 2 part epoxy and poured it in to the cracks in two treads. Also I grabbed every clamp that I could find.

Tuesday thru Thursday

I realised that there is a 2mm gap between the tongue and groove in the facing pieces.

This meant that there was very little bonding.

For all the subsequent pieces I applied PVA glue to the shoulder of the tongue piece and wiped the excess glue off with a damp cloth.


First thing in the morning I went to the site and dropped off the facing pieces.

I also checked out the treads that I had glued and started removing the protective tape.


I sanded back any excess glue from filling the cracks and then headed off to a barbeque.

I was back mid afternoon but was fairly ineffective at achieving any progress.

I ended up drinking coffee and falling asleep in front of TV.

Feels like I need to take day off on Sunday.

The facings cut out of floorboards

Gluing the cracks

Treads and facing placed on stringers