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2023-May-6 - Wooroloo - Staircase #9
I had some work come through from my client so I was not able to spend any days out on site.

I could only do a little bit of work while taking breaks.


I cut 7 treads down to size on the table saw and radial arm saw. Dimensions 270 mm x 1008 mm.

Also I visited Tool Mart to buy a bullnosing router bit for the 40 mm thickness of the treads.


First thing - I bull nosed the treads.


I had intended to take the treads and a number of floorboards out to site, along with the Triton with the intention of installing the facing and the treads.

However, it was raining off and on and I could not protect everything from the weather.

Instead, I just took the treads out to site and tested them in position.

Before I left, I applied 2 pack expoxy to the back of a couple of the treads that had splits in them.

I will later apply the very low viscocity expoxy through the top of them.

Also I took detailed measurements of each step face so that I can cut the floor boards at home to create the facing.

Testing the treads