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2023-Apr-29 - Wooroloo - Staircase #8

Late start.

I had coffee with the boys and Jim and Sandy visited me when I arrived on site.

Today I worked on securing the smaller run of the staircase.

I fixed the kick board to the left stringer, went searching for studs in the frame and screwed the stringer on to the wall.

I then nailed the other two stringers off against the landing and other timbers and added even more lumber.

This turned out to be a very slow progress.

I achieved little else apart from nailing off the top of the studs in the new staircase wall.


Wednesday through Thursday - my main client gave me some work and I grabbed it because work has been rather thin lately.

I would have liked to have been preparing treads - but some income is much more important.

So I was not back on the project until Saturday.

I had some finishing off work to do on the stud framing and stringers and I realistically expected this to take all day.

First off I added in the noggings on the partition wall and then the strapping.

The wall does not need this support but I am thinking that the wall could be aiding the strength of the house rather than the other way around.

Then I added the 22 mm spacer against the wall to offset the stringer.

This will allow 10 mm of gyprock and 12 mm of kick panel to be inserted later on.

The second half of the day went on fixing off the longer run of stringers - this is quite a lot of solid basic work with nothing flashy to show at the end.

Hopefully, at some time next week, I can prepare some treads in time for next Saturday.

Stud wall finished off

Fixing off the longer set of stringers