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2023-Mar-11 - Wooroloo - Staircase #2
Monday to Wednesday

I had some work to do (and Monday was a public holiday) so I stayed home.

Over these 3 days I rust converted the steel, primed it and top coated it.


I took the steel out to site and placed each piece in readiness to be installed - some on the street level, some in the undercroft.

Also, I am starting construction of the landing in the undercroft.

I am still experimenting with the stringers but I believe that I sufficiently up to speed with the landings to build them permanently rather than from scrap.

I had intended to build these out of some fairly rough 4 x 2 jarrah but I realised that I had a reasonable quantity of dressed jarrah at a nominal 90 x 45 mm.

These were offcuts from when I was building the street level stud frames.

I pulled all of these out of storage and sorted them as to their usage - ie plates or studs.

I intend to build the undercroft loft as a series of 4 connected stud frames and I believe I have almost enough timbers for this.


I built the front stud frame for the landing.

Pretty slow going and I stopped at 4.30 pm once I had finished.

I still need to buy some strapping and tensioners as well as attach a 2005 mm length of glulam above.

Steels rust converted

First piece of undercroft landing