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2023-Mar-4 - Wooroloo - Gyprock and stair case #1
I haven't posted for a month - things have been frantic and I have been too exhausted to log anything.

We took delivery of the gyprock.

This was a mad panic to get the house cleaned up and every room spartan so that the sheets could be carried in.

Before I can start any gyprocking I have a myriad of tasks to finish off.

The first of these is the stairwell. I need to mock this up so that I can figure out the lighting that needs to be installed.

Also I have no idea what I am doing so I am going to knock up the intermediate landings out of scrap wood and cut the stringers out of particle board so that I can learn from my mistakes.

So far I have learned that I will need to be much more careful with my marking out and take even more care when cutting the stringers.

This Saturday, just passed, I made a second attempt at cutting out a stringer for the street level.

I think I know what I am doing now.

I have also decided to make the header boards for the intermediate landings out of some glulam that I already possess. Unfortunately it is no longer suitable for its original purpose.

Jim helped me haul this out of storage and cut it to length.

Also quite a lot of steel work is required in various places and I have spent the last 3 days cutting this to length and drilling various holes. Plus a day running around purchasing supplies.

Gyprock delivered

Scrap landing

First attempt at a test stringer

Eventual header board


Second attempt at a test stringer