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2022-Jul-16 - Wooroloo - Plumbing #9
Earlier in the week I picked up 5 sheets of 1200 x 3000 x 9 cement.

I left the trailer hitched up to my utility and drove out to site with this.

I reassembled the trolley I used several weeks earlier for moving the floor cement sheeting.

Just as I was about to transfer the sheets across to the trollery, Jim and Sandy came to visit.

Jim helped me roll the sheets into the house.

The sheets are very heavy and I am wondering if 9 mm is an overkill - though it was pretty essential to use something impervious to water.

We worked out that the only way to access the inside of the toilet was to remove one of the noggings and the strapping and slide erect sheets in from the side.

Jim very kindly offered to help. After cutting a sheet to 2680 and a lot of grunting, we managed to install the back lining.

I've fixed it with just 4 screws so that we can still remove it again if necessary.

Many thanks Jim - you saved me a lot of pain.

The plumber has told me that he is coming early in the week but I don't know which day yet.

Back lining temporarily installed