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2022-Jul-9 - Wooroloo - Plumbing #8
Rain today.

Although H3 pine is fairly impervious to one drenching, I was panicking about getting it wet.

My first job was attach the trailer and back it in to our main driveway.

I am still not very good at reversing and usually prefer to have no one to be watching.

I achieved an adequate but not brilliant outcome.

Dragging the two frames on to the trailer and lashing them down took me quite a while and I was twitchy everytime it drizzled.

Out on site, Ian, my next door neighbour, very kindly helped me carry the frames from trailer to inside the street level.

I had created the frames to have a height of 2745 mm but had a fright when I found that this was tight for the small panel.

I was contemplating having to nail punch and plane the top plate down by a few millimetres but decided to have try a persuader - ie a 3 lb lump hammer.

Thankfully this worked out well and I was able to lift up and install the two frames quickly.

The rest of the day went on faffing about with accurate placement and nailing in additional studs in the existing walls to allow proper fixing of the frames.

In the afternoon it rained continuously and I was wondering if I would even be able to clear away my tools.

Fortunately, there were brief spells and by 7pm I had finished my work and removed everything.

Initial placement of the two frames