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2022-Nov-5 - Wooroloo - Plumbing #22

I visited site and installed the toilet door.

It's still only primer coated and needs the privacy latch installed.

I also trimmed and glued the last of the wall tiles.


I grouted the wall and floor tiles.

This took me all day - probably a 20 minute job for a professional.

I had an electrical problem with my car - no main beam - so I could not drive home that evening.

I ended up bunking down on the street level for the first time - a lot more room than I used to have in the 2 square metres down stairs.


It was Linda's birthday today - so I was up early with the sunlight and back home as Linda was waking up.

After our usual Sunday cafe breakfast we headed out to site.

Poor Linda spent part of her birthday standing/sitting in the toilet telling me where she wanted the hand rail, toilet roller holder and towel ring installed - yes I show the ladies a good time !.

We then arranged the second hand kitchen cabinets to Linda's taste.

These cabinets are probably 20 years old but still look reasonable - we will buy a new counter top at some stage to tie it all together.

Grouting completed

Door installed

Old kitchen cabinets arranged