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2022-Oct-1 - Wooroloo - Plumbing #19

I made up a jig to rebate the door jambes for the toilet.

Previously I had done this by hand with the trimmer in a badly lit room.

To tidy this up I had filled the rebates with 2 part epoxy.


Redid the rebates using the jig - good clean result.

Applied primer and top coat over the next few days


Out on site - I carried all the temporary roof frames out on to the verge for the council verge collection starting on the 3rd.

This took a couple of hours as there was a lot of them.

I asked Linda to post details to a local group to see if anyone could use them.

Jeff (electrician) arrived and we had a long discussion as to how to wire the street level.


Cut the refurbished door jambes to length.

Hung the door and sanded off one side until it fitted the frame.


Visited the site to confirm the position of power points with Linda.

All the frames had gone ! :-)

Jig for routing hinge rebates

Door jambes installed

All the temporary roof frames