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2022-Sep-17 - Wooroloo - Plumbing #17

I had some work to do for a client - so not much progress on the house today.

However, I did apply 2 pack epoxy to all the holes and defects in the window sill and door jamb timbers.

On a hot day this will set in just a few hours.

Due to the present cold weather, this has taken all week to go glassy hard instead of tacky.


The morning went on making more progress on cutting up the fallen tree.

Mid morning I took the materials needed to waterproof and tile the toilet cubicle out to site.

The weeds have shot up dramatically.

Wanting an excuse to avoid cutting tiles, I headed home early to buy fuel and prepare for a serious session of brush cutting on Saturday.


The weeds on the front "lawn" were thick and damp.

It was a hard slog to knock down just this area - I didn't finish until after midday.

I had a break for an hour and a half.

Then on to marking out the cubicle floor and cutting cardboard templates to fit around the plumbing fixtures.

This took quite a few hours of careful work.

Around 4.00 pm ish Jim and Sandy popped in and I made use of the connected kitchen sink to host coffee for them up at the street level.

I aim to be back on Monday for some serious tile cutting (something which I have a serious mental block about at the moment).

Front weeds knocked down nice and neat

Cardboard templates created