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2022-Sep-10 - Wooroloo - Plumbing #16

Linda and I went out to site and looked at the kitchen installation. We discussed various ways that we could achieve more preparation surfaces and a breakfast nook using some additional cabinets from below.

(bear in mind - all of these cabinets and white goods are at least 20 years old so we are "trying to make a silk purse from a sow's ear").

We also worked out how to create a window ledge over the kitchen sink and adjusted the cabinet position accordingly.


I had some work for a client - so good to earn some monety for a change.


We headed out to Basendean, Guildford and Midland to look for tiles for the little toilet and any matching second hand kitchen cabinets at Vinsans.


We argued about how to arrange the kitchen, I headed out to site and continued reassembling the cabinets so that we had a clearer idea of how this could work.

I paint stripped a couple of window ledges that I intend to biscuit together and brought them home.

Wednesday - I ran the ledges through the table saw to prepare them for biscuiting.


We headed out to purchase the tiles and placed an order at Ross's in Guildford.


I went to site and started working on moving the remaining cabinets and the old stove from the undercroft up to the street level floor.

Richard the plumber was able to make it in the afternoon and connected the waste and water suppies up to the kitchen sink.

This is all a bit temporary as I expect that I will need to move the sink cabinet out and in several times as I deal with the electricity and lining the wall.

By the end of the day I had moved everything up to the street level.


I biscuit joined the two piece of window ledge together.

I also ripped about 10 mm off the little toilet door jambs on the table saw.

I then paint stripped them.

Stairwell space emptied

All the old kitchen carried up to street level

Paint stripping / biscuit joining