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2022-Sep-3 - Wooroloo - Plumbing #15
I was out on site 4 days this week. First I put in a couple of days tidying up the cabinet feet and the cabinets themselves.

Then assembling and positioning the feet up at the street level.

I finally finished the flushing, scraping off any dags and a quick sanding in the little toilet.

I had bought a one litre can of primer but this quantity was woefully inadequate.

Subsequently I bought a 4 litre can and gave the cubicle two coats.

The surface looks reasonable now that the paint is hiding all the flushing.

I'd give myself a 3 out of 5 for the job.

I managed to move the kitchen cabinets upstairs on my own - using the trolley with the pneumatic casters and towing with the car on one occasion.

Jim helped me carry up the counter top on Friday evening - very, very much appreciated.

By Saturday, midday I had everythig screwed together and tidied up.

The rest of the day went on tackling a number of little jobs I had been putting off for over a year.

The kitchen cabinets are getting a bit long in the tooth - probably 20 years old now.

We can't afford to buy any fancy new white goods - so we will just have to get by with the old stove from down stairs and no dishwasher at all.

Toilet cubicle finished up to primer stage

Kitchen cabinets roughly placed

Sink just dropped in, not fitted